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Laboratory of Expertise, Innovation & Analysis - Services

LEIAOur laboratory services include:-

Completing full testing to check the quality of your foam concentrates in accordance with international standards.

Normative tests
Undertaking fire tests to evaluate the ranking and compliance of your products to different standards; including EN3, EN-1568, ICAO, ISO 7203.

LEIASpecific analysis
Offering different analysis: Corrosion, IR Spectrum, Refractive Index, Measure of Fluor, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, … miscibility

Critical tests
Design and formulation of foam concentrates to tackle special fire risks: solvents, chemicals, reactive mediums and completing the required tests to confirm performance levels.

Compatibility With Equipment
Undertaking and testing the controlled use of a foam solution or concentrate product with any foam delivery equipment such as foam concentrate induction and foam solution delivery.

Use of our expertise to ascertain the necessary means to address specific risks that exist on our clients' sites.

Support and validation of the adaptation between your existing or expected systems, against the risks involved.

Expert testing & laboratory facilities for fire fighting chemistry, equipment and fire fighting techniques. Fire fighting foam concentrate analysis against International Standards, critical testing & analysis. Testing for foam solution & concentrate compatibility with delivery equipment. Specific fire risk assessment on site.